Data Analytics Performance Overhaul & User Experience Enhancements

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    Chris Browning
  • on 01-24-2024

Number crunchers, rejoice! We’ve been working on several usability and performance improvements to the Analytics tool in Cloud Campaign to provide cleaner, more reliable data.

Here’s what’s new!

A New Way To Measure Data

The first and most important improvement to analytics is how Cloud Campaign pulls and calculates performance data.
Previously, performance data was calculated and reported according to the day of the post.

While this is great for viewing aggregate engagement, we acknowledge that it doesn’t give you a clear picture of performance over time. Anymore!

Now, reporting is done at the account level, resulting in a more accurate and holistic data display over time.

This is perfect for agencies looking to drill down on specific data points around engagement to maximize their campaigns.

Please note that account-level analytics may take up to twenty-four hours to sync with current data completely.

Our enhanced account-level analytics system will backfill historical account-level data as platform limits allow.

Because of this, you may see historical account Follower counts change slightly from what they were before.

Rest assured, the new Follower counts will be the most accurate available! However, you will still be able to download the previous Follower data via CSV download for a couple of weeks should you need it for historical reporting purposes.

Just be sure to download it as soon as you can while it's still available!

Updated User Experience

We’ve also released a slew of design enhancements that make sifting through performance data even easier.

The first change you’ll notice is that Historical Analytics has been renamed to Post Analytics. This is where you’ll go when you want to see the performance of any of your posted social content.

One important thing to note is that the account’s follower count has been moved from the Historical Analytics view to the account-level view.

You can now see account-level analytics for your brand workspaces in this view, making it fast and easy to get a holistic view of your account’s performance.

When you’re navigating through the new Analytics dashboard, you can use these interactable cards to toggle and filter data.

Additionally, you can now set a comparison period for data sets in this view. Just click to set your date range, and the data will adjust accordingly.

We’ve also modernized the look and feel of our analytics reports so that you can wow your clients with eye-catching analytics data.

We hope this overhaul to Analytics gives you more actionable insights into your content.

If you're getting stuck or confused about any of the changes, check out our knowledge base article for even more information - or shoot us a note at

Happy number crunching!